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LT Panel

Pioneers in the industry, we offer power control center panel, federal pillar panel, automatic power factor control panel, motor circuit control panel, bus ducts and auto mains failure control from India.
Power Control Center Panel

Power Control Center Panel

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Product Details:
IP RatingIP40
Usage/ApplicationAutomation Industry
Phase2 - Phase
Product TypeYes

We are engaged in manufacturing of Power Control Center Panel from the best raw materials. We meet the requirements of International Standards along with compliance to local standards and regulations.

The complete structure shall be rigid, self supporting free from twists and bends. The panels will be totally dust and vermin proof. They will have fixed or draw out type executions as many be desired.

Power Control Center Panel will undergo pretreatment covering decreasing, water rinsing de-rusting/ phosphating. It will be synthetic enamel painted or powder coated as per requirements.

Bus Bars Internal Wiring Uniform cross section copper Bus Bars (current density 1.39 amps/sq mm.) supported by SMC /DMC bases will be employed through out the length of the panel. Internal wiring be carried out with 11000/650 volt grade PVC insulated stranded conductor wire. All joints will be solidly crimped using copper thimbles Earthing Bus Bars will be running all along the board.

Switch Gears/ Components Along with the formal offer, the GA drawing and the bill of material will be submitted specifying the makes capacities of all the material to be used in the panel. Standards Our Panels confirms to the standards such as, IS 4237; IS 8623; IS 375 Switch Gears/ Components Along with the formal offer, the GA drawing and the bill of material will be submitted specifying the makes capacities of all the material to be used in the panel.

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Federal Pillar Panel

Federal Pillar Panel

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Product Details:
Mounting TypeAs per the products
PhaseAs per the products
HeightAs per the products
QualityAs per the products
ModeAs per the products

Safvolt engaged in manufacturing of Feeder Pillar Panel that have a specified standard of protection IP: 55. We exist in the midst of some renowned feeder pillars manufacturers and suppliers, base in India. The electric feeder pillars manufactured by us are perfect for outdoor use and are widely applicable in different non-industry and industrial applications. Our specialization lies in designing the pillars as per the specific requirements of the customers. We are achieving accurate results in our production by mixing variety of resources in our manufacturing process. These feeder pillars are extensively used in:

  • Hotels
  • Residential Complexes
  • Townships
  • Industrial Parks
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Automatic Power Factor Control Panel

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel

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Product Details:
PhaseTo be discussed
Working TempYes
TypeMedium Voltage

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel or Automatic Power Factor Control Panels are mainly used for the improvement of Power Factor. Power Factor can be explained as ratio of active power to apparent power and it is a key factor in measuring electrical consumption. Everyone knows that how costly electricity has become in present time. Therefore it becomes utmost important to cut down on electrical consumption for reducing expenditure.

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel come real handy in the achievement of this purpose Use of these control panels becomes indispensable in those industries where electrical installations are meant to supply to large electrical load. A dip in Power Factor can attract operational losses and a penalty from electricity board, responsible for electricity supply.

We offer vide range of standard and customized APFC panels and are competitive in the industry.

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel can effectively and automatically manage quickly changing and scattered loads along with the retention of high Power Factor. We are renowned manufacturers of APFC Panels symbolized with quality and reliability. These are available in different current ratings to cater to distinct applications.

The main features of our control panels are:

  • Maintains high Power Factor constantly
  • High efficiency
  • In-built independent fuses
  • Protection from excess power in the system.
  • Prevents leading Power Factor in low load conditions
  • Clearly marked buttons and indicators
  • Minimizes harmonic current
  • Easy to use
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Electrical insulation
  • Protects electrical equipments

These APFC Panels are put to use in the following:

  • Windmills
  • Monitoring current harmonics
  • Process controllers
  • Micro processors
  • LT HT factories
  • Electrical installations
  • Line voltage analysis
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Motor Circuit Control Panel

Motor Circuit Control Panel

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Product Details:
Usage/ApplicationMotor Circuit Control Panel
PowerMotor Circuit Control Panel
VoltageMotor Circuit Control Panel
TypeMotor Circuit Control Panel
MaterialMotor Circuit Control Panel
FrequencyMotor Circuit Control Panel

We are recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of (Motor Circuit Control) MCC panels or Motor Circuit Control Panel (MCPs) or Motor Control Centers widely used and appreciated across the country. These have the capacity to feed larger loads and are designed as per the client specifications.
The MCC panels conform to the international standards and are available with multiple power stabs that help in supporting high capacity industrial motors. Our manufactured motor control center (MCC) units comprises of the following:

  • Full voltage non-reversing and full voltage reversing starters
  • AC variable frequency drives
  • PLC I/O chassis
  • Solid-state motor controllers
  • Lighting panels
  • Transformers
  • Analog or digital metering
  • Feeder circuit breakers
  • Feeder fusible disconnects
Key Features of our Motor Circuit Control Panel 
  • Custom Design
  • Fixed type, free standing, floor mounting
  • Extendable to both sides
  • Cubical type compartmentalised construction
  • Busbar made of electrolytic grade, aluminium alloy, copper with certified % IACS conductivity
  • Short circuit withstand capacity of 50kA for 1 sec RMS
  • Switchgear and control gear as per customer’s choise
  • Top or bottom cable entry
  • Front and Rear Access
  • Single / Double front construction
  • Designed to meet climatic conditions
  • Powder-coating with imported electrostatic powder gun and fully conveyorised powder-coating plant
  • Design facilitating adequate space for cable and bus duct termination and providing required cable support
  • All live parts are properly shrouded by means of acrylic sheet in order to ensure no accidental contact with live parts during maintenance
Some applications are:
  • S.T.P. E.T.P. Panels.
  • All pumping Aplication panels
  • R/F Application

Our MCC panels are available in two categories, fully draw out motor control center and non draw out motor control center.

Technical Specifications:

Fully draw out motor control center control panels:

  • Rated insulation voltage: 660V 50 HZ
  • Rated operated voltage: 415V 50HZ
  • Rated current: Main horizontal busbar 400A to 3000A, vertical riser 600A
  • Short circuit strength: 50 KA RMS for 1sec with 1 sec with a peak current of 105KA
  • Ambient temp.: Design Ambient temp. standard 40°C Operated 45°C 50°C
  • Degree of protection: Standard – IP 52, IP 54 as IS 13947
  • Single front double front version of MCC are available

Non draw out motor control center control panels are:

  • Rated insulation voltage 660V 50HZ
  • Rated operated voltage 415V 50 HZ
  • Rated current: Main Horizontal busbar 400A to 3000A, vertical riser depending load
  • Short circuit strength: 50KA RMS for 1sec.with 1 sec with a peak current of 105KA
  • Ambient temp: Design Ambient temp standard 4000°C Operated 4500°C 5000°C
  • Degree of protection: Standard – IP 52, IP 54 as IS 13947

We are specialized in “Customised Motor Circuit Control Panel based on the customer requirements“

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Bus Ducts

Bus Ducts

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Product Details:
PowerTo be discussed
TypeTo be discussed
MaterialTo be discussed
Wire TypeTo be discussed
Power SourceTo be discussed

Safvolt offer best quality Bus Ducts that can be customized as per the customer’s requirements. All these products are specially designed for different industrial applications are designed to provide better connection, superior performance and more security. We have a fully equipped facility with the latest and most sophisticated machines. These Ducts also go through stringent quality checks at all levels. These products can also be customized as per client’s requirements.

Safvolt range of Low Voltage Bus Ducts:

  • Air Insulated metal enclosed Bus Ducts CPRI type tested upto 4000Amps 50kA
  • Phase segregated non segregated metal enclosed bus duct
  • Super compact IP68 Castresin Bus Duct upto 6300Amps
  • Sandwich type bus duct upto 6300Amps
  • Super compact, resin cast IP 68 bus duct
  • Sandwitch type rising mains with tap-off arrangment upto 6300Amps


  • Bus Duct with required rating, Fault Level.
  • Designing of Bus Duct to achieve required Fault Level, considering temp. Rise, Thermal Rating, Stress, withstand capacity and all applicable derating factors.
  • Bus Duct up to 4000A With Copper/Aluminum Busbar.
  • Busbar Supported on DMC/SMC Support.
  • Busbar with Heat Shrinkable Sleeve.
  • Indoor/Out door Duty, Separate adapter at both end With Space heater and earth Bus.

Standard Requirements for Bus Duct Selection

  • Has the correct voltage rating
  • Has sufficient current rating
  • Has right quantity of conductors (phase, neutral, and ground)
  • Carries UL label or equivalent
  • Has adequate short circuit bracing
  • Is totally enclosed
  • Bus Duct or BuswayTesting

We assign someone other than the assembler to test each joint after assembly – because it’s easy to miss something. Testing should include visual checks, torque checks (except for Belleville washers), and resistance measurements. Belleville washers are usually at the correct torque, if tightened just until they look flat.

After joints pass the testing, we protect them with insulating boots. These should encapsulate the entire array of bolt heads and nuts, since bolts often come very close to other bolts in opposite phases or to the bus duct case.

As a final test, we energize the bus with no load. Wait an hour or so, and then give it an infrared scan. Bus shouldn’t have any hot spots – if we come across, we will replace/repair them and scan again. Once we complete this step, we will to put the bus into service. This testing gives a life of trouble-free operation.

Rising Mains

Safvolt manufactures Raising Mains with the following unique features and markets in India as well as other Countries.

  • Air insulated, Non-segregated type
  • Indoor Vertical Erection type
  • Busbar of upto 1250A ratings
  • Short Circuit rating of 50KA for 1 sec RMS
  • Fixed type Tap off Boxes
  • Flexible In-line Connections
  • Fire Barriers
  • Wall supports
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Auto Mains Failure Control

Auto Mains Failure Control

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Product Details:
Usage/ApplicationAs per the Product
Model Name/NumberMotor Circuit Control Panel
VoltageAs per the Product
PowerAs per the Product
IP RatingAs per the Product
Phase TypeAs per the Product

We are also specialized in manufacturing Auto Mains Failure Control panels which are used widely in foundries, apartments, textiles and other varied industries. Our panel comes with various functions and timers which help in the efficient running of the AMF panels. It also consists of the metering facilities for monitoring of the frequency/current/voltage. We can also customize it according to the client specifications and details.

We offer automatic mains failure panels or automatic AMF panels, that are installed for automatic changeover from mains to stand-by generator at the time of power failure. Fabricated from premium quality raw material, these automatic AMF panels are durable, corrosion resistant, dust and vermin proof. Easy to operate and install, these synchronized AMF panels are used in areas like foundries, apartments, textiles, sugar and chemical industries.

Our range of Auto Mains Failure Control panel includes automatic changeover with current limit, battery charger, power inverters, automatic changeover and sine wave inverters.

AMF Panel Battery Chargers are used where the generators are installed between main AC and load. It will Start and Stop the Generator automatically and Changeover the EB/Generator lines.

Models Amps/ Kva Rates :
15Kva, 25Kva, 40Kva, 60Kva, 80Kva, 100Kva, upto 600Kva and more.


  • Provides continuous monitoring of three-phase
  • Voltage/current/frequency of mains DG
  • As well as battery voltage of DG
  • Available in different models
  • Automatic shutdown during DG fault
  • Fault indication via LED/LCD
  • Configurable solid state output
  • Auto/Manual Selector is available
  • Auto delay in start of genset
  • Genset stop with delay of 3 minutes
  • Hooter-alarm annunciation for fail to start
  • Checklist to find the fault and to correct
  • 4st switch control for healthy start and stop of genset
  • Manual Start Stop Switch
  • Emergency Stop switch is available
  • Auto LLOP (Low Lube Oil Pressure) and (High Water Temperature) protections are available. (LLOP HWT Sensors-Relays are not part of this panel. We provide control wires. Generally generator technicians shall provide this safety sensors according to their Generator’s standard.)
  • Cost of 2nos of 4st/Qst switches and 12V heavy-duty stop solenoid are added
  • All comes in a 14 /16 Swg panel with door.
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Sub Switch Board Panel

Sub Switch Board Panel

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Product Details:
VoltageTo be discussed
Power SourceElectric
PhaseTo be discussed
TypeTo be discussed
MaterialTo be discussed

We are offering a wide range of Sub Switch Board Panel which are made of superior quality of CRCA steel sheets that provides resistance from dust and vermin. Durable and cost effective, these provide superior performance and are highly reliable. Keeping in mind the specific requirements of the end users, we design our products in varied specifications and offered at competitive prices

We also do have some standard SSBs readily available with us with the following specifications.

Sub Switch Board Type Freestanding cubicle compartmentalized – Form 4
Sheet Steel 16 SWG / 1.6 mm CRCA for enclosure outer shell
Powder Coating as per customer requirement
14 SWG / 2.0 mm CRCA for panel doors
Bus bar supports SMC/DMC insulators
Partition 3.2 mm FRP sheet
Shrouding 1.6 mm FRP sheet
Incomer Up to 800 A, TPN, Fuse switch unit or MCCB– 35 k A
Out going As per customer requirement – Fuse switch unit or MCCB -25 k A

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Load Bank

Load Bank

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Product Details:

The Load Bank system is engineered to provide the unrivaled flexibility and build simplicity needed in order to produce a wide range of power distribution solutions. It consists of busbars of 250A, 400A and 800A with three different of 6, 12 or 18 outgoing ways.

This range houses the incoming and outgoing devices in separate adjoining enclosures which then allows the widest range of possible circuit permutations, including over sized outgoing circuits, which can then be accommodated within a common format.

The Load Bank offers an uncomplicated solution for power distribution for commercial and industrial applications with the availability of add-on enclosures such as metering enclosures and service centers which match the dimensional profile of the panel board.

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